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Terrorist sponsor r and enemy of peace Iran: Iran Promises ‘Eradication’ of Israel in Next War

Head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: Any new war in Middle East will lead to Israel’s ‘eradication’
By: Barney Breen-Portnoy, The Algemeiner
Any new war in the Middle East “will lead to the eradication of the Zionist regime,” the head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps declared on Thursday, according to the semi-official state news agency Fars.
Israel — Maj. Gen, Mohammad Ali Jafari asserted to reporters in Tehran — saw “a part of the resistance front’s power during the 33-day and 22-day wars (the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead) and today that the great resistance front has been formed, this word has been proven.”
“The fate of the resistance front is interwoven and they all stand united and if Israel attacks a part of it, the other component of the front will help it,” Jafari claimed.Jafari’s comments came as Lebanon stood on a knife’s edge amid the ongoing political intrigue surrounding Prime Minister Saad Hariri and following the recent launch of a missile from Yemen at Riyadh — an “act of war” that Saudi Arabia blamed on Iran-backed Hezbollah.
In an interview published last week by the Saudi newspaper Elaph, the chief of staff of the Israeli military, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, said the IDF had no intention of initiating an offensive against Hezbollah in Lebanon, and accused Iran of seeking to escalate tensions there.
Meanwhile, Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was quoted on Thursday by the semi-official state news agency Mehr as calling Israel a “cancerous tumor” that “should be fought against.”
“Wherever there is a need for our presence, we will provide help and are not afraid to say so,” Khamenei stated at a conference in the Iranian capital. “We will have no inhibitions when confronting arrogant powers.”…….

This story is just about to begin after Saudi Arabian ion up to help pay for the end of Hezbollah. And all other terrorists ,,,So we all can live in peace and build schools and develop the entire ME.

Friday, 24 November 2017

EU Prince Charles blamed ‘influx of foreign Jews’ for Mideast troubles

This must be the least noble cover for antisemitism we at SDR have ever encountered.
Non of the British Royals has visited Israel officially and it tells us all who actually is the worst Neo nazi.
ERGO: Who drives the antisemitic hate forward since tens of years? Not the hooligans of Poland etc but the Royal British Family has shown its disregard now for so many years that I can only wish them all the Muslims we have in Europe and be happy sharing oqppinioms.
To is aSDR the recent movements and comments by religious and royal leaders have been far more noble than anything coming out of Buckingham palace!

Prince Charles blamed ‘influx of foreign Jews’ for Mideast troubles

Leaked 1986 correspondence shows that Prince Charles espoused anti-Israel and even anti-Semitic notions.
The United Kingdom’s Prince Charles alleged that an “influx of foreign Jews” was one of the causes of strife in the Middle East, while expressing his hopes that the “American Jewish lobby” would be confronted.

The British Daily Mail on Sunday revealed leaked correspondence between Prince Charles and his mentor, the Afrikaner explorer Laurens van der Post showing that the heir to the British throne blamed the “the great problems” in the Middle East region on the post-Holocaust immigration of European Jews to Israel. Prince Charles penned the letter in 1986 after official visits to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar, which he called “fascinating” and during which he “learned a lot about the Middle East and Arab outlook.”
“I now begin to understand better their (Arabs’) point of view about Israel,” he wrote, “Never realized they see it as a US colony. I now appreciate that … it is the influx of foreign, European Jews (especially from Poland, they say) which has helped to cause great problems.”
Prince Charles also expressed hope that a US president would “have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby.” The US president at the time was Ronald Reagan.
Stephen Pollard, an editor of the Jewish Chronicle, criticized the prince’s use of the term “Jewish lobby” as anti-Semitic and said his views were “the absolute classic Arab explanation of the problems in the Middle East.”
“To me this is the most astonishing element of the Prince’s letter. The ‘Jewish lobby’ is one of the anti-Semitic themes that have endured for centuries. It is this myth there are these very powerful Jews who control foreign policy or the media or banks or whatever,” the Mail quotes him as saying.
Pollard described the letter as “jaw-droppingly shocking,” adding “that they [the Prince’s comments] come from the heir to the throne is unsettling, to put it mildly.”
A spokeswoman for Prince Charles explained the incident, saying the letter “clearly stated that these were not the Prince’s own views about Arab-Israeli issues but represented the opinions of some of those he met during his visit which he was keen to interrogate.”
“He has built a proven track record of support for both Jewish and Arab communities around the world and has a long history of promoting interfaith dialogue and cultural understanding,” she noted.......We at SDR ask only Really ? When did any Royal 
like Price Charles visited Israel officially. He should rather take care of his alcoholistic own citizens murdering and killing normal citizens citizens .
When I left Iceland many years ago it was a total drunkards Paradis on weekends .
Today the youth are prohibited to go out after  a certain time and age and gets payed points, Icelandrs can start to sell (work) age 6 and the Govt doesn't keep the taxes but invests the funds so that when you are a certain age ,,,Over 20 you have enough to study abroad or buy a car or start paying of your house,,,,,Now thats Noble Sustainable acting ......which you won't find at any holiday rest out where Britts go , like in Greece and Italy or Thailand etc. <<if there is anything that needs to be done its not between arabs and Israelis as we at SDR believe the Royal Arabs and Israelis. Will eventually manage a very creative solution, with profit and peace for all.
Dear Prince take a stroll at night in London and you will hate your own developing skills cobtaubbf stabbings and gangsters beeing hired to stand by the door for safety That you won't find even on Iceland as they have brains enough to solve it.
But thats another true story....

Trump revealed sensitive Israeli intelligence to Russians, infuriating Israelis

Trump revealed sensitive Israeli intelligence to Russians, infuriating Israelis
President Donald Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Washington in May. (Russian Foreign Ministry Photo via AP)

Vanity Fair has provided a detailed account of how Israel’s elite intelligence unit allegedly obtained information that led to the exposure of an ISIS plot to blow up airliners. The Washington Post in May revealed that President Donald Trump had shared classified, highly sensitive intelligence with two high-ranking Russian envoys, Sergey Kislyak and Sergey Lavrov, during their visit at the Oval Office.

Its now been revealed that the sensitive intelligence, was collected by the Israel, and exposed an Islamic State (ISIS) plot to bomb airliners by planting explosives in electronic devices.
The exposure of the plot led to a four-month-long US and British ban on the use of electronic devices on flights originating from 10 Muslim countries.
Trump’s disclosure reportedly infuriated Israeli officials, as it was shared with the White House on condition that it would remain confidential. Intelligence sharing between the two allies, however, was not significantly hindered.
Vanity Fair, in a Wednesday report, revealed the full story surrounding the operation to collect the intelligence.
“On a dark night at the tail end of last winter, just a month after the inauguration of the new American president, an evening when only a sickle moon hung in the Levantine sky, two Israeli Sikorsky CH-53 helicopters flew low across Jordan and then, staying under the radar, veered north toward the twisting ribbon of shadows that was the Euphrates River. On board, waiting with a professional stillness as they headed into the hostile heart of Syria, were Sayeret Matkal commandos, the Jewish state’s elite counterterrorism force, along with members of the technological unit of the Mossad, its foreign-espionage agency. Their target: an ISIS cell that was racing to get a deadly new weapon thought to have been devised by Ibrahim al-Asiri, the Saudi national who was al-Qaeda’s master bombmaker in Yemen,” Vanity Fair recounts.
The details of the account were reconstructed for Vanity Fair by two “experts on Israeli intelligence operations.”
“The helicopters carrying the blue-and-white units came down several miles from their target. Two jeeps bearing Syrian Army markings were unloaded, the men hopped in, and, hearts racing, they drove as if it had been the most natural of patrols into the pre-dawn stillness of an enemy city,” the account continues.
The IDF elite troops secured the area while the Mossad techies bugged a hideout used by the covert ISIS cell.
One source said the actual room where the ISIS cell would meet was spiked, a tiny microphone placed where it would never be noticed. Another maintained that an adjacent telephone junction box had been ingeniously manipulated so that every word spoken in a specific location would be overheard.
This operation led to the exposure of ISIS’ plot to take down Western airliners.
“Trump betrayed us,” the magazine quoted a senior Israeli military official as saying. “And if we can’t trust him, then we’re going to have to do what is necessary on our own if our back is up against the wall with Iran.”
The Trump administration has denied that the president leaked the intelligence.

Commenting ion the report on Thursday, Former IDF Chief of Staff and Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon, who has intimate knowledge of such operations, told IDF Radio that several of the details recounted in the report seemed questionable to him.
By: World Israel News Staff

Thursday, 23 November 2017


In total, 40 suspects were arrested in Spain, Morocco and Germany, and more than EUR 13 million in cash, almost 4 tonnes of cocaine, 18 luxury vehicles and 3 boats were seized. The cocaine seized is worth more than EUR 103 million in the Spanish market. Part of the cocaine seized in Spain was destined for the UK.
An international operation led by the Spanish Guardia Civil, and supported by Europol and Eurojust, has resulted in the dismantling of an international criminal organisation dedicated to large-scale cocaine trafficking and money laundering. The investigation, which was carried out in different phases, also saw collaboration between the United States DEA, the German Customs Investigation Bureau (ZollKriminalamt, ZKA), the German Police, the Italian Carabinieri and the Moroccan DGST.
The investigation began in 2016 when the Spanish Guardia Civil detected the existence of a group trafficking drugs in sailing boats from the Spanish city of Denia. Investigators intercepted one of these sailing boats containing 400 kg of cocaine at the Port of Cádiz in southern Spain. The cocaine was hidden in a false bottom in a watertight area of the boat's bow.
Further investigations revealed the existence of an international criminal group dedicated to large-scale drug trafficking and money laundering that was being managed from Venezuela by a Spaniard who is currently wanted under an international Search and Arrest Warrant. The group had established two large criminal structures in Spain. One, based in Pais Vasco, was dedicated to smuggling cocaine by sea from Venezuela to Spain using sailing boats. The other one, based in Melilla, was in charge of collecting the illicit profits obtained from selling the cocaine on Spanish territory, and sending them to Venezuela using different modi operandi.
The main person responsible for collecting the illegal profits in Spain was identified thanks to close collaboration with the DEA office in Madrid. He had been sent from Venezuela to Spain to manage the collection of the money, in collaboration with the Melilla cell. Based near Madrid, he acted as a businessman dedicated to the purchase of wooden furniture in Spain to legally export it to Venezuela in shipping containers. The money was smuggled inside the furniture, hidden in false bottoms in high-value denomination banknotes, mainly EUR 200 and 500. Thanks to the investigations, one of these shipments was located in the province of Valencia (Spain), and more than EUR 8 million in cash was seized.
The Melilla cell was in charge of recruiting mainly vulnerable individuals with limited economic resources to act as cash couriers who physically transported the money among their belongings. In the different operations carried out, investigators seized more than EUR 4 million in cash at Malaga and Melilla airports that was destined for Venezuela.
The leader of the Melilla group was a Spanish national who operated from Frankfurt (Germany). Under the legal cover of vehicle purchase and sale operations – a technique known as Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML) - he was engaged in laundering the drug money for the main Venezuelan organisation. Thanks to collaboration with the Moroccan DGST, and the German Customs Investigation Bureau (ZollKriminalamt, ZKA) and German police, the suspect was identified and arrested in Germany when he was planning to escape from Europe to evade justice.
Europol has supported this operation since May 2016 by providing analytical and operational support to all involved Member States. During an internationally coordinated action day on 18 October, Europol provided on-the-spot support by deploying financial intelligence experts to Melilla equipped with mobile offices. This allowed for real-time information exchange, intelligence analysis and technical support, which led to the identification of transnational links with other serious and organised crimes.
Simon Riondet, Head of Europol's Financial Intelligence Group, said: ‘Drug traffickers need to get rid of the cash generated by their criminal activities. Professional money launderers offer such services: they collect criminal cash, smuggle or transport it to countries where large cash payments are possible, where they buy cars and other high value items which are then exported to outside the EU. The criminal business is still done in large part in cash. The abolition of the EUR 500 note and the introduction of thresholds to cash payments are very effective anti-money laundering practices.’

Sickening Iranian firms cought in currency counterfeiting scheme

Against the backdrop of mounting tensions related to the nuclear agreement with Iran, the US hit Iranian firms with sanctions for counterfeiting currency destined for Yemen.
The Trump administration is imposing sanctions on six Iranian men and companies for counterfeiting Yemeni currency as a part of a scheme by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to destabilize the country.

The Treasury Department said Monday that those sanctioned, including two German-based printing and design firms, are part of a network that produced potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in fake Yemeni cash. It said the network used “deceptive measures” to get around European export restrictions to buy advanced equipment and materials to print the counterfeits for the Guard Corps.
The sanctioned companies are Pardazesh Tasvir Rayan Co., Tejarat Almas Mobin and the German firms ForEnt Technik and Printing Trade Center.
Their owners also face sanctions, which include a freeze on any assets they may have in U.S. jurisdictions.

Family of Israeli Man Held Captive in Gaza Appeals to UN for Help

Family of captive Israeli tells UN: The international community must “to put the full weight of its authority on anyone who can help release Avre” who is held by Hamas.

Agarnesh and Ilan Gashao Mengistu, the mother and brother of Avraham Avre Mengistu, an Israeli citizen held by Hamas, addressed the United Nations (UN) and called on the international community “to put the full weight of its authority on anyone who can help release Avre.”
Ethiopian-Israeli Avera Mengistu crossed into Gaza willingly in September 2014 and has been held by the terror group ever since. He suffers from mental health issues.
“The Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza is toying with the life of a mentally disabled civilian. They are playing a cynical and cruel game with the life of a man who has never harmed a soul,” Mengistu said in Hebrew at a press conference at the UN headquarters in New York on Monday.
“I have a brother – he is helpless – and he needs your help. Look at my mother. She is a mother like all other mothers, and she deserves to know the fate of her son,” Mengistu continued.
Mengistu concluded his statement by calling for action from the international community.
“We are here today, at the United Nations, to call on the international community to put the full weight of its authority on anyone who can help release my brother Avre,” he said, calling on it to “pressure the international organizations that have showed weakness and helplessness.  And of course, pressure Hamas, which is holding an ill individual captive more than three years, and is responsible for his fate.”
The Mengistus are touring the US in an attempt to garner support for Avre’s release.

Demanding Answers

At the press conference, Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon he was at the UN “to demand answers.”
“The terrorists of Hamas have refused to even provide a sign of life to these suffering families. All those who demand an end to the humanitarian plight for the residents of Gaza must also demand the immediate release of all Israelis held by Hamas,” Danon said.
In September, the head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) discussed the fate of Israeli civilians and the remains of two IDF soldiers believed to be held by Hamas in a meeting with Yahya Sinwar, the leader of the Islamic terror group in Gaza.
Maurer requested to meet with the three Israeli captives, but Hamas refused to comply.
“Hamas is also holding the almost two million residents of the Gaza Strip hostage.  Instead of providing education and healthcare, they’re digging terror tunnels and building rockets while denying their people the chance for a good life. Let me be clear. Israel will not rest until all of our citizens return home,” the Danon continued.
Hamas is believed to be holding three Israeli civilians who scaled a border fence and entered Gaza on their own volition.
Bedouin Hisham al-Sayed enterd Gaza in 2015. A third Israeli citizen, Bedouin Jumaa Abu Ghanima, entered Gaza in July 2016.

In addition, Hamas is believed to be holding the remains of two IDF soldiers, Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, killed during Operation Protective Edge in 2014.
Indirect negotiations between Hamas and Israel have reached a deadlock over Israel’s demand for proof that its captured citizens are indeed alive.
The Lebanese paper Al Akhbar reported that Israel had offered to free an unknown number of Arab minors, women and Hamas parliamentarians. In return, Israel wants live video documentation as evidence that Avera Mengistu, Jumaa Ibrahim Ghanima and Hisham Al Sayeed are still alive.
According to the Hezbollah-affiliated Al Akhbar, Hamas rejected Jerusalem’s offer. Gaza’s Islamist rulers reportedly demanded that Israel free 55 Palestinian prisoners as a precondition for releasing the requested video material. These prisoners were in fact released during the Shalit deal and later rearrested by Israel. IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, captured in 2006, was freed in 2011 in exchange for 1027 Palestinian prisoners.

Egypt is coordinating the talks between Israel and Hamas and has reportedly suggested that the deal include the release of the bodies of IDF soldiers Oren Shaul and Hadar Goldin, who were killed during the Gaza war in 2014. Hamas has so far refused to comply.
Mengistu, Al Sayeed and Ghanima had crossed the border between Israel and Gaza as a result of their mental illness, their families say.
The Trump Administration’s Middle East diplomat, Jason Greenblatt, recently met the families of the imprisoned Israeli citizens.

SDR special; Facebook to expose Russian fake news pages

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Ambassador ret Yoram Ettinger: Wake up America, Islamic terrorism targets you!

The claim that the perpetrator of the November 1, 2017 NYC bicycle-path-terror is a "lone wolf" ignores the wider context of Islamic terrorism, oversimplifies and underestimates the threat, alleviates the pressure off anti-US Islamic rogue regimes, and derails counter-terrorism.  

The NYC bicycle-path-terror was carried out by a member of the Islamic "pack of wolves" - not by a "lone wolf" – which has been systematically brainwashed and molded by the most effective production-line of Muslim terrorists: hate-education and incitement conducted by Islamic leaders, educators, social media and imams in mosques (and in US prisons!) in Muslim countries as well as in the US.  

According to FBI testimony at a Senate Homeland Security Hearing: "Prison radicalization primarily occurs through anti-US sermons provided by contract, volunteer, or staff imams, radicalizing inmates who gain religious influence and extremist media… similar to that of Iran and Hezbollah…. These radicalization efforts expand beyond prison walls, resulting in potential threats to society at-large…." 

Furthermore, Senators Schumer (D-NY) and Feinstein (D-CA) are concerned that the vetting of prison imams relies heavily on the Islamic Society of North America and the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences, which according to Schumer, "are connected to terrorism and promote Wahhabism, which some consider to be an exclusionary and extreme form of Islam…. Pat Dunleavy, a former Deputy Inspector General for the NY State Department of Corrections says… the organizations were also sending [to inmates] tapes and CDs of speeches by Osama bin Laden, Muslim Brotherhood leaders and Al Qaeda's Anwar Awlaki…."

Anti-US Islamic terrorists, such as the bicycle-path-terrorist, have been adrenalized by three dramatic developments, which have been highlighted by rogue Islamic policy, educational and media organs, suggesting global Islamic domination in-progress: (1) the gradual Islamic penetration of Europe, which is losing its will to flex muscles; (2) the retreat-in-process of the US from Afghanistan and Iraq, and its recent accommodation of the Ayatollahs; (3) the Soviet retreat from Afghanistan, which was followed by the collapse of the Soviet Union.     

The NYC bicycle-path-terror was consistent with the definition of terrorism - a systematic and deliberate targeting of civilians - aiming to erode the confidence of Americans in their country's homeland security forces, while bolstering the Islamic offensive in the US' own "end zone."

In fact, Islamic terrorists have already broken through the gates of the US!    
The NYC terror was carried out within the geo-strategic context of the historical offensive of Islam against Christendom, in order to achieve global domination. 

The "packs of Sunni and Shia wolves" has been unleashed against the USA, which is rightly perceived by Islamic rogue regimes to be the most critical obstacle on their way to dominate the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Peninsula, the Middle East at-large, Africa, Europe, South America and the rest of the globe. 

It was carried out in an attempt to emulate a litany of prior acts of Islamic terrorism against Western democracies, and especially the US, which is rightly regarded by Islam as the pillar of Western democracy, economy, science and military.    

It was carried out in the footsteps of the September 11, 2001 Twin Towers, Pentagon and Pennsylvania massacre; the November 28, 2016 Ohio State University attack by a Somali student/refugee; the June 12, 2016 Orlando nightclub massacre of 49 people; the December 2, 2015 San Bernardino massacre of 14 people by a Muslim couple; the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon bombing by two Muslim brothers; and many more acts of terror perpetrated by members of the Islamic "packs of wolves."    

The NYC bicycle-path-terrorism was not an aberration, but an integral episode of 1,400 years of the intra-Islamic tectonic reality (e.g., the raging Arab Tsunami since 2010); the systematic use of terrorism against fellow-Muslims (e.g., the Muslim Brotherhood terrorism in Egypt); the terror tactics employed by Muslim regimes against their own peoples (e.g., civil liberties have not landed yet in Arab lands); and the 14 centuries of Quran-sanctioned terrorism against the abode of the "infidel."  In fact, terrorism has dominated Islam from the 7th century, when three of the first four Caliphs (Umar, Uthman and Ali), who succeeded Muhammad, were assassinated by fellow Muslims.

The NYC bicycle-path-terrorist - like most Muslims - reveres history as a relevant tool to face contemporary challenges. Hence, this act of terrorism was intensely integrated with – not isolated from – a fundamental pillar of Islam, the Jihad (the Strive, the Holy War), which commands Muslims to emulate previous struggles against the enemies of Islam, within the context of the eternal battle between the Abode of Islam and the Abode of the "infidel." The latter is defined as "the Abode of the Sword," faced with the choice of embracing – or submitting to – Islam, or be consumed by the sword.

In order to defeat Islamic terrorism, Western societies – led by the US - must rid counter-terrorism of the "lone wolf" mentality; acknowledge the inherently non-compromising nature of Islamic terrorism and confront Islamic rogue regimes (just like rogue gangs at home) militarily, not diplomatically; recognize the centrality – and obliterate the infrastructure – of hate-education and incitement in the US and other Western democracies, as well as in Muslim countries; preempt, rather than react.

The architects of counter-terrorism may want to consider the implementation of the American football ("Jim Schoff") principle: The closer you get to the "end zone" of your opponent, the closer you are to score a touchdown; the closer you get to your own "end zone," the closer your opponent is to score a touchdown.     
 Ambassador ret, Yoram Ettinger will be in the US in 2018, available for speaking engagements.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Ambassador ret Yoram Ettinger; Growing confidence in Israel's high tech sector

1. Israeli start-ups raised a record $3.8BN in the first three quarters of 2017, $1.44BN of which was raised during the third quarter – 54% higher than the third quarter of 2016. The third quarter of 2017 was boosted by the $250MN raised by Israel's Via Transportation (carpooling applications), mostly from Germany's Daimler (Globes Business Daily, October 24, 2017). Daimler also led a $60MN round of private placement by Israel's StoreDot, a developer of a sophisticated, swift technology (Flash Battery) to charge car batteries (Globes, Sept. 15). Israel's BlueVine – online business lending operations – raised $130MN from the Silicon Valley Bank, Sun Trust Bank, Menlo Ventures, etc. (Globes, Oct. 24).

2. Israel's Beit Shemesh Engine Holdings – one of the few companies in the world able to produce rotating critical parts for jet engines - has expanded an agreement to supply parts to Prat & Whitney to a total of $640MN (Reuters, September 14).

3. The US Army approved the installation of Israel's Trophy Active-Protection System (APS) - developed jointly by Israel Aircraft Industries and RAFAEL - on a number of its MIA2 Abrams tanks, designed to detect and neutralize incoming projectiles in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The Trophy ($350K per tank) is the world's only fully operational and combat-tested APS, possessing four radar antennae and fire-control radars. It tracks incoming threats such as anti-tank guided missiles and rocket-propelled grenades. Once detecting a projectile, Trophy fires a shotgun-type blast to neutralize the threat 

4. Israel's Elbit concluded a $240MN transaction with an African nation, consisting of: the upgrading of helicopters and the acquisition of laser-driven missile defense systems for the helicopters, mini-UAVs, telecommunication systems and anti-shoulder-propelled missiles systems 

5. China's Alibaba Group Holding, a top e-commerce firm, is launching a $15BN drive to build eight research hubs – in China, Israel, the US, Russia and Singapore - in order to leverage e-commerce, logistics and cloud technologies, which are developed globally (Reuters, October 11, 2017). China's ShengJing Group, the largest private equity fund in the world, has established an accelerator for Israeli companies, seeking interaction with the Chinese market. ShengJing invested $100MN in a series of Israeli startups (Globes, Oct. 2).

6. Intel is establishing a new Artificial Intelligence center in Israel, hiring dozens of Israeli specialists (Globes, Oct. 16). The mega-billion dollar Intel and Nvidia, two US global leaders in the development of artificial intelligence and autonomous cars, extend their investments in Israel, attempting to leverage Israel's brainpower. Nvidia is establishing, in Israel, a research & development center, which will employ hundreds of people. General Motors is preoccupied, in its Israel research & development center, with the development of human-robot-interaction (Globes, Oct. 3). Intel Capital invested in two Israeli cyber security startups (Globes, Oct. 24). Intel invested in over 60 Israeli startups, in addition to its four research & development centers and two manufacturing installations, which export $4BN annually.   

7. The $52BN British private equity fund, CVC, acquired the women's health division of Israel's Teva Pharmaceuticals (outside the US) for $703MN, negotiating the acquisition of 80% of Israel's largest chain of 180 drugstores (Globes, September 25).

8. Germany's $130BN SAP acquired Israel's Gigya for $350MN (Globes, Sept. 25).

9. Medtronic, the medical equipment giant manufacturer, is opening two new development centers in Israel (Jerusalem and Yokne'am), employing 100 people, joining its 750 Israeli personnel out of 85,000 employed globally (Sept. 12).  

At last; 
We at SDR see wise thinking and perpetual hope in Ambassador ret Ettingers observations.
We hope that people take his examples seruíous and understand that nything is possible 
if we try hard.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Embarrressing Tweets by Finnish Police Chief Gain International Attention

Police chief now claims he was misunderstood and blames "Twitter trolls" of trying to silence him.

A Finnish police superintendent has caused controversy by suggesting that asylum seekers with terrorist sympathies should be allowed into schools to “expand tolerance”, reports Infowars.

The Twitter account of superintendent Taponen.
The discussion arose in response to the August 18 Turku terror attack during which a 22-year-old Moroccan asylum seeker, Abderrahman Bouanane, stabbed 10 people, killing two.
The incident was the first islamic terror attack in Finland ever.
Shortly after the attack, news came out confirming that the 22-year-old asylum seeker – posing to be 17 when he arrived in Finland in early 2016 – spent the semester from August 2016 to June 2017 studying in a secondary school along with Finnish kids aged 13 to 16.
The secondary school where the 22-year-old islamic terrorist studied along with Finnish kids of 13 to 16.
A Finnish citizen expressed relief on Twitter that Bouanane didn’t try to attack a school given reports that he had multiple different attack plans.

“On the contrary, people need to be motivated to stay in school….whether it’s a child or adult,” responded superintendent Jari Taponen.

He was then asked by another individual, “As a police officer you support terrorists being in our children’s schools?”
“Even a terrorist can benefit from good learning! It might widen views and expand tolerance!” responded Taponen.
Even a terrorist can benefit from good learning!
Asked whether he thought that would pose a security risk to children, Taponen said he had confidence in teachers to guarantee their safety.
Its the most idiotic thing we all must ever have heard as it came to help of the ones hunted down about 20 persons trying to disarm that went to a school meant for teens while..... he ´s real age was later was proved to be 22 years of age.

Misunderstood & Victim of Information Warfare

Interviewed by the Finnish media, superintendent Taponen said he had been deliberately misunderstood, although there is little room for misunderstanding when you read through the Twitter message chains.
Taponen claims he is a victim of “information warfare” and blames “Twitter trolls” of trying to silence him.

Superintendent Taponen is known for his controversial statements.
(Thats mildly said )
Superintendent Taponen in a morning TV show in October 2014 saying “there are no ethnic street gangs in Finland” after ethnic street gangs had attacked and severely beaten up dozens of white kids in Helsinki in a months-long rampage.

For this we can clearly as anyone to come here and ask how the railwaystation links at night. Mr Taponene is herby a public danger to Finland , if he can't 
even fool the kids on the. streets belonging to other gangs how smart can he be?

According to Taponen, somebody is doing their best to undermine the credibility of Finnish police. We at SDR thing he is doing quite well by him self so far, 
All evidence suggests that the somebody is Taponen himself.
Sources: Infowars, Twitter, Ilta-Sanomat

The truth is like oil in water it allays surfaces

Thursday, 21 September 2017

LinkedIn Groups: watch for the Trolls acting openly working for RT!

The company that manages the Russian news outlet R.T. (Russia Today) announced last week that it had received a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice requiring it to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)!

About 2 years ago I had a talk with a man who has managed his own group; CYBER POL and another group ECIPS he basically us to join (Which I did nowt as no one could confirm having worked with him in any capacity, who I know .......The mans name was;  Ricardo  "B" We have for a long time already held our eyes on them and got introduced by "Marco F" who later tried to use our name for estranged news ........
here you see the others seen on Ricardo Bartetzky´s page......Whats wrong with it? Absolutely nothing "Except for a small detail that we have been writing of at our anti Trolling group om LinkedIn and more namely that the Man Richard "B" actually is a security consultant on the very famous RT on youtube ! RT stands for Russia today!
Fantastic writer Shoshana Bryen - September 19, 2017 and was published by American Thinker
with the following fantastic article  that we will use as a very
good OSI reality check.

The company that manages the Russian news outlet R.T. (Russia Today) announced last week that it had received a letter from the U.S. Department of Justice requiring it to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).  The Russian news outlet Sputnik International may be next.

A 1969 memo outlined the administration's goals: creating a new "public" media network to compete with more independent sources such as NET. That network could be controlled because the White House would 'have a hand in picking the head of such a major new organization if it were funded by the Corporation [CPB].' That major new organisation became PBS.
Many other foreign news services are strongly government-influenced even if the government does not hold an ownership share.  Does Le Monde reflect the views of the French government?  Does The London Times have a British viewpoint?  Russia and China have a number of news agencies that have operated for years under the guidance of their respective Communist parties; The People's Daily, Pravda, and Izvestia were never told to register.
But, you say, there was a report in January from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) that singled out R.T. as "a state-run propaganda machine," part of Russia's attempt to interfere with the 2016 presidential election.
This is the heart of the issue – the American government is still trying to blame Russia for the outcome of our election.  The Russians were not found to have altered voting machines, cast illegal ballots, or destroyed legitimate ballots, so the DNI was reduced to saying the American public was duped by R.T. programming.  Pretty good for an outlet almost no one is watching.  R.T. didn't even make the ratings in a 2015 Nielsen survey of the top 94 cable channels in America.  According to the Economist, among its top 15 YouTube hits presently are earthquakes, grisly accidents, and Vladimir Putin singing "Blueberry Hill."
There are important principles at stake here for the American audience, for bilateral relations, and for journalism.
1. Registration is a two-way street. The U.S. is likely to find its media outlets in Russia ostracized and excluded, maybe even barred entirely.  Since the Russian government has a heavier hand with journalists than our own government does, it is not in our interest to let this happen.
2. There are countries presently systematically destroying their own free press.  Turkey, a NATO member, comes to mind.  If journalists operate under duress and threat of imprisonment at home – as do the Turkish media – why should they be considered independent operators in the U.S.?  The Justice Department would have a credible case for warning Americans about Turkish media as propaganda by journalists intimidated by their own government.
3. Blaming Russia for the choices Americans made last November is insulting; Americans are generally smart enough to put foreign broadcasting in its proper perspective.  Al Jazeera America – owned by the government of Qatar – never had more than 60,000 viewers on a single night (State of the Union 2015) and generally had about 10,000 viewers in any given hour in a country with 100 million cable-linked homes.  It died.
R.T. has a certain benefit.  It is worth understanding the Russian vantage point on important issues – and watching the Russians' generally rather overt propaganda.  The greatest value has been excellent reporting on Russia's Syria operations, including video of some of the air and ground operations they are supporting.  R.T. also provides strong coverage of Russia's president, including lengthy videos of conferences and meetings where Vladimir Putin outlines his policies.  This kind of information often is missing in Western reporting, and even better, many of Putin's appearances in conferences and meetings are complete (including his annual Q&A with the Russian public), which allows Americans to evaluate them in their entirety.  You won't find that kind of unedited coverage of Russia in the American media – in fact, it is hard to find unedited coverage of the American government in American media.
In today's world, where social media have outpaced old-time news outlets, trying to sanction or ostracize R.T. or any other source that is primarily a social media or internet phenomenon is a pointless exercise and likely to backfire.
It has been the Russian goal from the days of the USSR to sow doubt among Americans about our government, our laws, and our electoral system.  The Justice Department decision is an admission that they believe Russian propaganda can do that to us.  It makes us look fearful rather than strong, foolish rather than smart.  An American government with confidence in its system and its citizens wouldn't feel the need to hand them that victory.
We hope that Shoshana Bryen don't mind us using her intelligent article to show how things are all over the world right now.!!!!!

To many persons are afraid to debate this but I guess now that Israel ir self has proposed the registration we wish to show what RT and Ricardo B´s result is on a google search . Its hardly anything with international that they recently have aded to RT as Russia Today's existed for years 
The way as its shown here by Youtube below.

Our team wishes to know if anyone ever except Russias RT seriously has worked together in any law enforcement or official Org with  ECIPS or Cyberpol ?  

I personally talked a few days ago with one of our former highest diplomats who managed together ETYK 1995 and who in generally was one of the most respected diplomats in those days. He told me he has never ever heard of these two even if their names are pretty close to some orgs like mine (SDR /Strategic Diplomatic Relations..... A format chief of a political department told that RT speaks for it self pretty clearly since many years .....
I wish  to remind every reader that no one is guilty without trial so I won't brake the law and say that anyone is guilty ....just that its a rather strange kind of chain that to me is rather strange claiming so much power when the PresidentRicardo B´s wife is the Secretary general of ECIPs.
And for most: The one who introduced me to this was well known as the one who exports in mostly Italian by a group or what ever (Marco F at his blog Servizi Segreti) - After Knowing us he changed his name to Strategic Information Center .....which doesn't show much difference from our name except leaving away the word Diplomatic.  I personally find it very impolite especially when calling the one who was ripped of name and blog name to almost the same ......Either its a missing character or its simply intentional trolling ? This doesn't end here, sadly.... As I was sick he started to contact all our contacts and as I asked one who is my partner in many ways and a diplomat ....the answer was who is he and the other man ?

Both Marco F and Ricardo wife seems to be EPICS Secretary General are openly displayed on  Ricardo B´s LInkedIn side where its written:
 people of this page also Viewed .......I won't mention any others as the The United States of America  already has given RT U.S. Department of Justice requiring it to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA)!

SDR has talked to many Senior diplomatic and political observers and all and everyone tells us that the name that CYBERPOL and ECIPS and Strategic Information Centre sounds like other orgs like for instance  us ; Strategic Diplomatic Relations.

Credit for the article ; Who’s Afraid of RT? by:Shoshana Bryen and American Thinker the rest written by Jacob Schwartzman Jr and the SDR team......